03 January 2010

Nobody Else.. :)


Hari ni Atie merasakan sesuatu different pada diri Atie dengan Atie yang dulu.Yeahhh,dulu if I love someone and I know I can't get him then someone else tackle me..I will just accept him.Hahaha. BUT today,ada mamat ni ngayat2 Atie,dia ckp nk ngorat la itu arr.. I dunnoe why..mcm susah je nk accept.Hahaha bknn dia x ensem..ensem kot.Tapiii errrrrrrrrrrrrrr whyyyyy????

Adakahh hatiku kini dh stick to Sunny only? OMG pls don't nanti aku kecewa pulak.Hahaha. But yeahh dat's wut I think. I can't accept another person bcoz in my heart just have Sunny. Eventho Sunny also don't know who are Sunny actually. Complicated rite?Hahaha. But dats it.Heeee :)

I try to be like Mz.DL, she have steady boy also many scandal over there. How she can manage them?Hahaha. I can't la syg. Kau hebat sgt. Biarlah aku stick pd yg satu yg xpasti ni.hEEEEEEEE :)

Hahaha yeahhh Aryff semlm pon tkena demam sawan,tiba2 YM dgn aku. Tibe2 kot,pelik je. Aku pon layan je. Know wut? Dlu if YM nan dia..prasaan suka aku kt dia tu..still there..tp skang?Nann adoo..sama je mcm chat nan org biasa.Hahaha. Bkn sbb dia kapel nan Hana kot..Sbb masa dia nan Fiza pon aku slumber je fall in love kat dia.Hahaa :p

Yeahhh maybe hati aku ni dh x muat utk org lain.Hahahaha :)


Just my opinion, no hard feelings k said...

kalau boleh...
just concentrate on your studies je for now, strive for what importance in life first. Relationships and romantical feelings one after another ni nanti akan distract you like before and before that whether or not how sure you are that it wont happen again.Don't risk your future.
Remember you are not a school girl anymore and this crush and stuff is not the most important in life for the time being. Capai cita2, stabilize and prioritize your path first then baru proceed on petty things like this.

kai said...

ha ha ha..
memacam ahh u ni..

Fairuz Selamat said...

atie.. jgn curang dengan ku ok/.1!

Adinda Atie said...

Hye first comment

Thanx 4 ur comment..really appreciate it..eh btul ke aku eja?haha..anyway thanx again.. atie taw mgkin awk kenal atie..but awk x nk gtaw sape awk... thanx 4 coz caring..heee..lalalala

and to my ex hubby.. u apesal?suka ati i laa..wkakaakaka..

To my lover.. I never curang..haha..u re my sunny kot :;p