10 November 2009

Thanx Coursemate :)

Hey sayang,

weuewww today I bring my new D90 to college.Just want to learn something new,coz I know my fwen more expect than me.Yeahh I'm rite..haha Attiq konkerr my D90 until finish almost 4GB haha.Sir Ajin also enjoy using my D90.He ask me to use da camera for film not for picture.MUahaha. He ask me to buy new lens too..cesss.Xde maknanyee..xcukup duit lagi la.Hhahaha :p

Tadi I join acting class for the first time.Enjoy sgt2..my partner was Hazami.Haha..ermm oklaa da class for the 1st day kan.Need more improvement.

Yeayyyyyyyy kawan2 buat sy hepi harini..sy xkesah dh ape yg tjadi semlm..Yeayy.

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