16 April 2009

All Feeling Mixed Together :p

This entry are not so so owned by me.Copy from Naz,because what she feel right now exactly like what I feel.So we share the entry.Haha Naz jgn marah ahh..malas laa I nak wat my own..haha!

Yay, Today I'm so happy . OMG, I can't believe I'm having a second time crush on him. OMG. Luckily this is just a crush. I need to be quiet and keep my mouth shut so that others wouldn't know. Maybe some of you might be guessing who who and who but please don't ask me who that guy is. I don't want to spill my own secret. It would be so so embarrassing. If u get to guess who, u can just tell me but I wouldn't tell u if you're right or wrong. OHMYGOD.Don't know how could this crush feeling comes again. oH Yaaa I have an announcement to make here. haha. so-called announcement lorr.Before this I liked him because of his cute baby face. But this time I like him because of his maturity, sensibility and his sifat keabangan. oh my.. does this word 'keabangan' exist? hahaha, don't tell me, I know the answer. well, he gave me advises on colleges, courses. oh, these are like hints. so, stop about now, I just wanna express how I'm feeling right now. I have all the feelings campur campur in myself right now. mixed and blended. ohmy, I can't express more, you guys should just read and forget. boleh kan? OMG. the truth is, in my head right now, I really want to accept his offer and go out with him but I dont know when because he not offer yet..haha!!So perasan laa..maybe one day..arghh wait okay Atie :)

Haha aku prasan..but Naz dpt the offer from guy dia..yg aku pon xtaw sape..haha

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