15 April 2009

Going or not??

THURSDAY , 16th APRIL 2009

-No class today.Yayy!!But have something to settle up.Really don't know should I go or not.Ermmm actually En.Osman from Cosmopoint call me and offered me to study there.He said Cosmopoint will do more practical than the theory . If I interested he asked me to see him and register. My mom no problem with that, and she said she happy if I'm in Cosmopoint.Since I'm still no friend or friends at Taylors. I think I can accept the offered, but for the future??Ermm really don't know laa..should I go or just ignore it??Just register..the class will start early of July.Ermm my final exam at Taylors will start on 13th July.Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

FRIDAY , 17th APRIL 2009

-Orientation Night?Should I involves??Really don't know..If I manage to go..what I'm going to wear?Casual?Formal?or clubbing dress??Do I go clubbing?Haha hell no!!Ermm maybe I'm not going because of FRIENDS :-( . Many friends but no friend.Ermm understand me?If you re my course mate you will understand what I'm saying about.I managed to join here and there group..I wont talk with you guys right?So it's not worth if I'm going to this event. I can't enjoy myself.Uwaaa pity me =(

SATURDAY , 18th APRIL 2009

- Final of Mangga Star Search..something like that la..I can't go.But I really want to support my bro,ermmmm no money to buy the ticket..
- Anak Wayang audition?Interested but I can't do that.Why??No answer for that. =(
- Mass Commlympics , one of my senior event project.There are from Diploma program I think.I don't know want to go or not,because of friend or friends.Ermmmm yeahh that's it.Everything relate with Taylors I can't go because no friends?Hahaha sound stupid..ermmmm
- Akademi Fantasia , can't watch it.Arghhh repeat show also can't...uwaaaa =( I think should open Youtube laa...
- Santai Menara.Follow Kak Zehra doing her practical at RTM live talkshow.

SUNDAY , 19th APRIL 2009

- Going to Jaya Jusco Kepong.

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