08 July 2010

Hari yang BLUR ^_^

Heyaa..suppose today ade kelas ganti english in da morning..
technical problem happen..and I cant attend dat claz..
dis is all about abg joging :p
dat i will tell u in da next entry..

I have clz around 11..
So dtglaa..otw nk naik clz..
I saw my last sem clazmet..broadcaster and all da film makers are there..
HE smile at me and he said to me "U can do it alone . Sbb kau bukan org yg perlukan tongkat utk bdiri . " Then dia pun blalu jalan .

Naik atas cket..jumpe my gegurls..miss them so much..
I donnoe why..I juz want to cry..and hug them..but I can't ..
nnt lain lak jd..ada lak yg ckp sy bdrama di tangga :p

Masuk claz.. I rasa dis is my 1st time enjoy CCT claz :)
All da bisnez faculty member sgt sporting and supporting each other..
I don't know why ... and I'm chosen to be claz monitor..haaha
Agak taff tugas ini sbb drg bkn my faculty members..susah nk communicate
But benda tu dh setel..and tenks guys for support me :)

Otw nk kuar kelaas.. I saw HER..my ex BFF..
Atie ckp ex sebab , after dat case..we never talk each other
and pandang sesepet mn skalik pon..
Esp HER..mcm dh tanam kebencian yg sgt thadap atie..
So I'm trying to walk fast..but dia tahan..and some conversation happen
I'm smiling :) And I hope we can start all over again..

Then be4 pegi tren..I meet my gay friends ..
We hugs and kisssss like xde org lgsung dkt hallway KLMU tu
dpn management department lak
Suka hati je ^_^
But yeahh I'm blur today .. sbb dat guy pon almost 2 months laa
Kiteorg x talk each other ..

Dekat tangga tinggi tu lak..
Akeem and Jesse tegur situ..xtaw laa drg nk gi mn..
But akeem ask me about claz..heee yg tu pon dh berbulan xtegur..

I'm blur TODAY...but ape yg tjadi TODAY..
Will make me moreeeeee SPIRIT :p

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