12 July 2010

Time to talk about dis Guy ^_^


I know dis guy since Form 4 maybe..not sure..in Myspace dat time..
He add me bcoz..i ada dlm toplist Zehra Zambri :p
Someone who act like my Bro..soft heart :p And elweyz get jeles with my entry
If i story about my bro..and totally not him..
Dis year I can feel dat..we become more closer..
And still dont have any time to meet up..
Heee . Wlaupun dia kuat merajuk , tapi kdg2 dia comel
OMG believe me dia akan BANGGGA dgn statement ni
Oh no I hate u Bro :p

Diaaa salah seorg tenaga pengajar di sebuah sekolah..
Oh sekolah mn..biarlah rahsia :p
Sudah berkahwin and mpunyai cahaya mata 2 org..

For me..mpunyai abg angkat yg sudah bkahwin sgt lain dgn yg blum kawen..
Bcoz..i can talk anything with him..and same goes to him..
We're open minded .. if dgn abg angkat yg lum kawen..
Sometimes I have to hide here n there laa kot..
takut tkantoi :p

But yeahh.. tenks sbb accept me ..
eventho kdg2 mcm dilupakan buat seketika..dan dicari ketika perlu
Thanks 4 da film poster..SIMA and SPOOKY SEVEN :)
4 dis part..I want to cryyyy bcoz.. I remember time Spooky Seven..
Its already 1 am and u still want to help me..sdgkan dat time kita xkontek..
For how long dh..ermm Ok getting emotional..being Drama Queen already HAHA
Thnks Bro coz being such a nice bro for me .

One day we will meet up.. Dont worry ^_^

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reezal said...

sob sob ...ermm tQ speechless