08 October 2010

Playing Around ?

To both of my friend , Jin Notti and Yayan .. I think both of "THEM" just playing around..it's hurt for me..but it's ok I know it early..

Da story begin when I saw both of them..like talking about someone..and i think it's refer to me..Ermmm :(

Ermm..weh aku rasa aku dah macam tempat drg hilangkan boring..ermm demit ! Boring je cari aku..yerrlaa kan..ermmm

Lagi bagus aku kwn2 dgn abg production tu tadi..ermmm arghhhhhhhhhhhhh !

Lupa nk ckp td..some broadcast student..involve to help Double Vision shooting for Astro Citra..Salji di KL..ermmm..

Out..sakit hatii

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