13 October 2010

Producer and UM ?

Ok today... ade meeting with IMS people dkt kolej..
Its about video marketing KLMU dat bdk2 broadcast kena buat..
From A until Z..and i dilantik utk jd Producer..
BUT the thing is..some of my friends..me , seha n jj..
actually don't want to involve with this..
Why we have to work for it but its nothing la actually
Payment xde..ok fine dia boleh ckp pengalaman..
peluang..we already do it in production semua kan..
drg tanye about camera smua..ahha kita ade 1 kamera..3light je kot..
Mampu ke utk projek nampak besar ni.mn duit KLMU byk2 dlu ?
Knp xsuruh production besar2 je buat..
Dh terasa mcm dgunakan2 lak..
bak kata JJ "You need my ENERGY, I need your MONEY"

Me and seha ponteng kelas Business and kiteorg pegi UM dgn Ayoe..
Lepas tanya itu ini..haha price sama je dgn LKW..
as a international student mcm ayoe.
mesti la dia pilih LKW kan..ahaha

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