24 March 2009


It's not July Paper la actually
June Paper maybe hahaha
24June @ SMK Cheras Perdana
SPM Math 4 da second time
Ermmm can't join my bro birthday at Genting
Got exam meh?
arghhhhhhhhhhh f//k!!!
But I will try to join
Exam only 3hours..
then I can join them
I hope so!
Look 4 da schedule first
errrrrr weeeeeeeeeee

Actually I can't wait my orientation day
This Monday @ Taylors
Wanna meet new friends
esp him..
Heeeeee WHO??
wait n see..

to HIM : shut up you!!I know my English is bad..at least I try my best!!arghh!!

to all of u : ngaaa Sorry!!I have too!!even my English is bad but actually by using this way I can improve my language and spelling!!

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