22 March 2009

It's Final already =)

This is not a auta n pls believe me hahaha
It's my final said..and I already paid RM600 for the registration
I take foundation n continue for degree
Foundation 1 years + Degree 3 years = Total 4 years
In Mass Communication @ Taylors College
30th March 2009 will be my orientation
and this July I will take my July Math Paper
for Mara Loan..only to score at least 7D
errr I will do da best
chaiyok2 atie =)

Have to work hard to score my Math
Classes @ Taylors
Assignment plus exercise for my Math
surely no time for chatting anymore
but I dont care
as long as I get what I want

Errr I have to speaking a lot
Coz in Taylors every subject
Using English..No Malay

ps : jahnam English aku...arghh!!


edzlin007 said...

good luck atie. lepas ni blogging la pula dlm english. mana tau leh improve kan. (rojak tul bahasa gue)

Fairuz Selamat said...

bowling jd ar..!!!!

biyan said...

babe , aku kasik tips utk math .
aku act selalu gagal gak dlu .

tp lepas tau tips nih , agak improve ahh jgk .


btw , gd luck oke !