29 March 2009

One night only :p

Left one night only..
Tomorrow new ATIE with you =)
Hate to talk much :p
My class will start tomorrow
Have English Paper also..
the best part is..
Will meet my Fairuz tomorrow =)
Do the best for the final ok..
Heee =)


Let join us at ZSA JR COLLEGE,enrollment start NOW!!

No need to pay fees.
Free of charge.
Only for GIRLS who have the great skills to tackle GUYS.
No assignments,No Exam.

Hahahahahahahahhaha :p


biyan said...

wahh , gd luck babe .

tpp enn , wahh jmpe fairuz ta ajak aku .
makan kfc dua org aje ?
ta egt ke kt si comel lg satu ni ?
mementang la i dh keje enn .
fine fine ;((

hahaha ;DD

Fairuz Selamat said...

tq atie.. tq for the juara... walaupun dia bg hint yg agak kejam.. eheheh nice to meet you even i dont have enuff time to spend wit u...