31 March 2009

Meet FRIENDS already =)

It's suddenly actually
When I'm rather said that "tpaksa tegur"
bcoz I want to know What group I'm in?
Then I saw Syakirah..then juz ask her..
Kebetulan she n da gang..
want to check also kan..
We go together la..
Ohhh forgot all da boys name..
Sorry guys..meet u guys again nnt..
And I'm happy coz..
No class for my group this week
My class will start next Monday
Heeee gud luck to other groups n diploma students
We want to enjoy this FREEDOM wkakakakaka :p
Heeeeee welk welk

1 comment:

biyan said...

wahh , ada kemajuan suda .
dah ada kwn yee .

if nsem nsem guys tu ,
knal knl kan lahh ngn aku .
hahaha ;DD